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The Myth of the Mind: an Epic in nine Spheres

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poetic portion

so this is how they look when they’re all set up in a polyptych. i made them close together so that the figures appear to move from one panel into the other. the paintings are not arranged chronologically but rather in three levels. (high, just as high, and third)

the highest being the intellectual, Odin is at the center, there is no border around him, because he is open to receive the mysteries of the universe, he is only hemmed in by the loosely drawn branches of an ash tree. he presides over language and the mind and is flanked by not only his ravens, representative of thought and memory, but also by two winged female figures. on his right, the Valkyrie, gathering in the dead, a symbol of Resurrection and hope in the wake of battle. on his left is Freyja, the dynamic force of nature, fertility and feminine sexual power who rides on a golden pig into battle. these two women, loyal to the Allfather represent the active and receptive aspects of the mind and create a parallel with the two ravens.

the center row is all about Will, the three paintings depicting it’s forms of power fate and love. Thor is depicted as dynamic with a chiseled  Nietzschean grace, the lightning in particular is a symbol of divine power, a connection of direct energy from heaven to earth. to his right are the Norns, at the heart of the piece, gathered around a sapling not a year old, waiting for it to grow into Yggdrasil, it is that patient act of faith, that is at the center of everything. a libation, a Blot. we pour out water so that the tree may grow.

the last painting in this row is of Frigga and Odin and Balder and Hod, a man and a woman and the universe between them.   

the last row is all about the body, about the sensual, the entropic, loss of control, loss of life. Loki is bound, he has been dominated controlled ruled. whereas Hel who here represents a direct allegory to death. stands in a pose of victory carrying a broken spear marked with the sign of Odin. it is the last painting, it is the only painting of Ragnarok because in the end even god dies, and death is the only victor. 

all the paintings point towards Balder [look at the hands] he’s the center of the whole piece, the death of light and beauty. and the conquest of shadow. the story of the universe is a tragedy a slow descent into nothingness. hope and fear, entropy and creativity, power and submission, must exist in a state of balance. the myth teaches us not to fear the darkness, not to shy away from the struggle, the myth teaches us the value the spirit of light and beauty represented by Balder because the nature of beauty is entropic. life is something that is constantly becoming nothingness.      

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